faceflux-open computer vision.

themes: openCV, image copying, webcam.

Another afternoon desk experiments.

A compilation of small experiments with face detection and segmenting different features
of the human face. Incomplete at this point and not fully realized, my intention
was to take the human face and make it appear as if it is opening up to reveal another
new face within – bursting from below to reveal the updated face.

I could see areas where I could improve the result such as 1) having dynamic/scaling
segment sizes. 2) different reveal modes. 3) varying opacity.




themes: Delaunay Triangulation, point color sampling, webcam.

notes: operates in two modes – static image/webcam video.

The user inputs points which are then translated into an array of Delaunay triangles.

For each set of 3 points defining a region, RGB is provided by a pixel sampling of

the geometric center defined as { tx = (1/3)(t.p1.x + t.p2.x + t.p3.x), ty = (1/3)(t.p1.y + t.p2.y + t.p3.y) }.  A better

method would be to sample the area color average. As point density increases the verisimilitude to the source image increases.